Pinpoint Universal Speaker Wall/Ceiling Mount

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The AM21 Universal Home Theater Speaker Wall/Ceiling Bracket is suitable for all home theater satellite speakers that have either a Single Threaded insert on the back or bottom or Keyhole slot on the back. This bracket is a complete mounting solution for home theater speakers and will work for both wall and ceiling applications. Unlike other "Universal" speaker mounts, the AM21 has been specially designed to mount not only to a wall or ceiling but to mount directly to a single ganged electrical box found in pre-wired homes and dedicated media rooms. In addition, the bracket comes supplied with a short (.98" - 25mm) and long (2.62" - 60mm) extension-arm that can be used together or individually to place your speaker 2.36"(60mm), 3.24"(85mm), 4.72" (120mm) or 5.70" (145mm) from the wall or ceiling and will be .55" (14mm) less in length when the electrical adapter plate is used. The AM21 speaker bracket supports speakers up to 5 lbs. Once your speaker is mounted, the AM21 allows you to rotate your speaker 360-degrees and pivot the speaker 90-degrees for precise positioning of the speaker in your home theater system. The AM21 comes supplied with all the necessary hardware to mount your speaker to the bracket and the bracket to your wall or ceiling. All steel and aluminum construction and comes with a 5 year warranty.


Package contents

• Adjustable speaker bracket assembly

• Single point mounting adapter

• 2 extension arms (1 short, 1 long)

• 1 Electrical box adapter wall plate

• One 6mm x 12mm Bolt

• One 5mm x 12mm Bolt (Narow Head)

• One 5mm x 12mm Bolt (Large Head)

• One 4mm x 12mm Bolt

• 1/4"-20 x Threaded mounting head

• Two 5mm x 31mm wood-screws

• Two 3.5mm x 30mm machine screws

• Two 6mm flat-washers

• 1/4" Flat-washer

• 1/4" Lock-washer

• One Multi-size wrench for assembly

• 2 Plastic drywall anchors

• Assembly and Mounting Instructions sheet


Max Weight Supported 5 lbs (2.26 kg)
Adjustment Range 90 degrees up/down, 360 degrees left/right
Works best with small home theater speakers

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