Isotoner Fingerless Therapeutic Gloves

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Designed with a Certified Hand Therapist! These therapeutic gloves ease the aches and swelling of arthritis or injury with a gentle and even compression while keeping irritating seams away from tender areas. The open-finger design permits unencumbered movement and the gloves can be worn day or night. Please consult your doctor or therapist before using. Latex free.

ISOTONER everyday gloves - Legendary fit, unsurpassed comfort. Contemporary styles for any occasion - attractive and practical.


  • Open finger design
  • Seamless support - seams are on the outside and away from pain sensitive areas like the base of the thumb
  • 2-way stretch provides gentle compression

Compression Benefits

Isotoner therapeutic gloves help control swelling by providing gentle, even compression throughout the hand. While some compression devices restrict movement and are only advised to be used during rest periods, Isotoner gloves can be worn at any time day or night, during rest and activity.

Compression Rating Isotoner therapeutic glove compression is considered moderate: 23-32mm Hg.*

*Compression estimated from the circumference around the knuckles.

Fiber Content: 80% Nylon, 20% Lycra Spandex. LATEX FREE

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