Pinpoint Side Clamping Bookshelf Speaker Wall Mount

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The AM40 side clamping bookshelf speaker wall mount has been designed for traditional wood cabinet bookshelf style speakers with flat sides, that were not provided with a standard mounting point by the manufacturer.Speakers can be mounted in tradtional vertical position or on its side. Using a solid platform with side clamps allows the speaker to be mounted with or without the grill unlike front clamping mounts, offers a 90 degree swivel, 7 degree tilt and can support a speaker 5.5" to 11" wide, up to 13" deep and a maximum of 50 lbs. Side clamps have specialized non-marking, non-slip isolation pads to provide a safe and secure contact point for the speaker. The AM40 comes with a decorative cover for the wall plate to conceal mounting screws for a clean installation. All mounting hardware is included and sold as a pair for mounting 2 speakers and is available in black only.


Package contents

•2 Wall plates

• 2 Plastic wall plate covers

• 2 Platforms with attached side clamps

• 2 Ball joint end caps

• Two 2.5" bolts

• 2 Flat washers

• 2 Lock nuts

• 2 Plastic lock nut covers

• 4 Ultragrip self-adhesive pads

• Eight 1.25" wall screws

• Six 0.5" security screws

• Instruction sheet


Max Weight Supported 50 lbs (22.67 kg)
Adjustment Range 7 degrees up/down, 90 degrees left/right
Works best with medium/large home theater and bookshelf speakers

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